About Us

We are progressive company in the field of Enterprise Systems and Internet of Things (IoT). We focus on providing IT Solutions and Systems Integration to achieve Digital Transformation. The main objectives of our company are to provide education, consulting, development, customization, integration, automation and support services to our customers in the field of software and hardware systems, and achieve highest customer satisfaction.

We offer the solutions tailored to specific needs of clients. We adopt the latest technology, proven methodologies and innovations in the services delivery. We believe in values based delivery and hence focus to create value for all our stakeholders.

Our unique business model allows us to collaborate the best human resources in various technologies across different geographies. We aim to become a partner of choice for our customers, for their system requirements and derive maximum value for them through best of breed and world-class solutions.

Our company operations are based in Pune, India, but our offerings span globally.

Our Philosophy

At SUNBOBs, we have a high regards for values. Values such as hard-work, sincerity, tolerance, integrity are the building blocks of our company's foundation. We believe "Organizations learn only through individuals who learn." Our employees and their knowledge are our assets. We care for our employees as much as we care for our clients.

Continuous learning is our way of life. It consistently increases our effectiveness, competitive advantage and our ability to adopt to changing business environment. Hence we serve our clients to our full potential.

We strive to leverage technology in all possible ways -

  • To improve quality of life for each individual.
  • To relieve people from mental and physical stress.
  • To enable people to focus more on human attributes such as relationship building, creative thinking, etc.

We believe in maximizing technology usage in the lives of human beings.

Business Value Proposition

  • We are a company with complete service orientation towards our clients and to all our stakeholders.
  • We commit less than what we can deliver, and we deliver more than what we commit.
  • We are very open to accept suggestions from our stakeholders.
  • We believe in conscious decision making.
  • Our business model and internal processes allow us to offer cost effective but high quality solutions to our clients.
  • Our products and services are built on sound foundation of values, innovation and technology. Our delivery system focus on generating simple, reliable, and powerful solutions.
  • We generate solutions which are designed around people, processes and functions.
  • We do not underestimate the 'Time' dimension!